Alcohol Ink Painting, instructor Karen Krugman


Come see what this new and popular medium is all about.  With a little instruction and a lot of adventurous spirit you can create beautiful paintings.  Give yourself permission to let the ink work its magic as you apply it to paper and learn to encourage where it goes. You’ll love the vibrant colors of alcohol ink in combination with watercolors and delight in being able to create layers with acrylic paints.  No guarantees but exciting surprises await you.  This medium can become addictive, so beware!

Most of Karen’s life was spent on the East Coast, centered in New York City, where she gained inspiration roaming the city’s many museums and galleries.   She dabbled in drawing and painting, taking classes in college and at the DeCordava Museum in Concord, MA, but it wasn’t until she retired and moved to Southern California in 2016 that she began creating art in earnest.

Karen has received recognition at both the COAL Gallery in Carlsbad and Off Track Gallery in Encinitas for her alcohol inks, acrylic pours and mixed media work.

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