Ink Sketching, instructor Diane Moore

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You’ll spend the afternoon absolutely absorbed in this entertaining workshop incorporating patterns into your ink sketches. In one session Diane will supply an animal or person’s photograph, which you will transfer to sturdy drawing paper. Of course, you can use your own photograph or original drawing, if desired. Then you will add patterns to the drawing.  A second session will show you how to prepare a color underpainting before adding the ink drawing.

Diane Moore became involved with watercolors in 2003 following a 30-year career as a Commercial Real Estate Broker.  After moving from the Bay Area to the Coachella Valley, she had the opportunity to take up drawing and painting, which has become a passion and serious journey with much study from local artists and nationally recognized workshop instructors. Diane has the honor of having one of her paintings hanging in the Coachella Valley Cultural Museum, and has many paintings held in private collections.

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