Edition in the Mountains: Color Linoleum Block Printmaking, Instructor Morgan Miller


This morning module will introduce you to printmaking and creating full color linoleum block prints. You will practice how to draw and use carving tools to create variations in lines, shapes, and patterns that make for a great print. Morgan will bring a small Vandercook proofing letterpress from the Athenaeum School of the Arts Print Studio in San Diego to show how to set up the press, ink your own blocks, and print by yourself.  You’ll also learn about mixing color ink and how to plan a color scheme for making an exciting print. Students will be encouraged to experiment with color, trying different variations with the blocks, finding unexpected results from layering prints, and using the reduction process to make full color prints.

Because of the specialized nature of the materials for this module, Morgan will purchase them. (Also, he gets a nice discount.) Please bring approximately $50 to camp in cash or a blank check, which will represent your share of the total cost.In this module we will make an edition of linoleum block prints in full color.

Morgan Miller III is a fifth generation San Diegan from Point Loma. He is a graduate of Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, with a BFA in Illustration. Morgan teaches printmaking at the Athenaeum Music and Arts Library School of the Arts. He helped to set up the various presses and organize the large collection of metal and wood type. Now he helps run the Print Studio and teaches classes at the Athenaeum’s Art Center in Logan Heights, San Diego. His work there includes linoleum block prints, type-setting for letterpress, mono-prints, etching, and aqua tint.

Click here for more on Morgan and his work.