Encaustic Painting, instructor Lin Holzinger


In this hands-on module you will learn about encaustic painting (using a combination of beeswax, damar resin and pigment) that dates back to the ancient Greeks and Romans.  Classes will include a bit of history plus the basics, such as safe studio practices, how to apply the paint, and the specifics of fusing (a vital part of every successful piece).  Each day you’ll focus on using different mixed media techniques to embellish your work, such as mark-making, monotypes, and embedding found materials, so that you’ll have the opportunity to bring home a variety of beautiful finished paintings.

You’ll find that working in encaustic is always surprising.  No matter what you might be planning to do creatively, the wax and the heat always exert their own will.  That tension of knowing what you want to achieve and waiting to see what actually develops is where the fun lies.  

Because of the specialized nature of the materials for this module, Lin will purchase them. (Also, she gets a nice discount.) Please bring $40 to camp in cash or a blank check, which will represent your share of the total cost.  Other materials you likely already have are listed here.

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Lin Holzinger has been part of the San Diego visual arts community since 2010 and has served in a variety of art guild board positions.  During this time her artwork has been periodically on display at a member-owned and operated art gallery and at other local exhibits. 

Currently, Lin’s affiliations include San Dieguito Art Guild, International Encaustic Artists, the Artist Alliance of the Oceanside Museum of Art and the San Diego Museum of Art. Lin’s earliest artistic attempts were in life drawing, photography and water media. Her fascination with encaustic was immediate but it took nearly ten years of studying and experimenting with a variety of other methods and mediums before she committed to work primarily in encaustic and mixed media.

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