The Art of Photography – Old Becomes New, instructor Abbey Chamberlain, CPP

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Don’t we all have thousands of photos taken over the years that we intend to work on to improve or possibly uncover a masterpiece?  This 5-day module provides the time and personalized instruction that will help you achieve that goal.

You can use your own camp photos or work on improving old favorites.  Evaluate your images for their artistic potential: correct and adjust the color, balance and intensity, but also composition. See how to use selective treatments to improve impact, narrative, and style.  Grow your artistic vision by shooting three optional assignments and assessing them in a friendly, fun, and supportive class environment.

Abbey will teach “Photoshop 101” where beginners will learn the basics in a patient atmosphere, while intermediate users will learn how to take their art to the next level. Everyone will learn why “layers” are important and how to become proficient. 

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Abbey Chamberlain is a Fine Art photographer who has shown in galleries all over San Diego County and has won numerous ribbons and awards.  She is a patient and experienced teacher who will explain the why and the how-to of great photos.  Abbey was a successful professional photographer for 38 years. Now in retirement she is busier than ever, traveling, shooting and catching up on her own treasured photo files. We all have thousands of photos we have taken over the years that we intended to get back to and work on to create a better version, or possibly a masterpiece. Now you will have time to devote to just that task.

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