Life Drawing, Instructor Jean Krumbein


Did you know that you could draw quite well (if not better) with your non-dominant hand?  Who knew that a long piece of fennel stick dipped in India ink coupled with your eyes could produce really artful drawings?  Find out for yourself in Jean Krumbein's Life Drawing class.  Charcoal and other media also will be used.  You will be drawing both female and male nude models. Her morning module will focus on the whole figure, and in the afternoon workshop, the emphasis will be on drawing faces.

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Jean’s career as an artist, art model and teacher has allowed her to gain wide expertise in a variety of mediums.  She brings a deep knowledge and enthusiasm for the human form to her work and teaching.  Presently Jean teaches at the acclaimed Canyon Crest Academy and facilitates a figure-drawing group at the Encinitas Library.  Jean exhibits extensively in and around the San Diego area.

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